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Command-line tools for Skype

Skype for Linux 1.4, like other desktop clients, supports the Skype Public API, which allows other applications to make use of Skype features. The package provided here contains a set of command-line tools for Skype Linux (but most should also work under Windows or Mac) to do various things that cannot be done with the user interface.

You need at least Skype version (some scripts require a more recent version).

Finding old chats

Allows to find and open old multi-chats, even the ones that have disappeared from the recent chat list in the UI or are not bookmarked.

Sending SMS

Allows to send SMS with Skype.

Showing edited chat messages

Shows when a chat message has been edited.

Sending individual chat messages to all members of a multi-chat

See this blog post for details.

Open file transfer from command-line

See this blog post for details.

Sends your own mood messages to Twitter

See this blog post for details.

Changes your Skype online status (availability)

Useful for adjusting the status from some script. For example, you can have a script that locks the screen and sets you to not available.

DEPRECATED: Public API Python Wrapper

A much better wrapper in Python is Skype4Py.

Download Skype Tools 0.11