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Night song festival

Yesterday we were at öölaulupidu, the night song festival, which was held at the song festival arena in Tallinn to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the singing revolution events. Song festivals are hold every 4-5 years, next one is next year, so this event was different and I expected less people. Oh was I wrong, it was as crowded as I had ever seen, and always very impressive.

Giustino gives a good overview of the multiple meaning of this event. I also liked it, the songs were very beautiful and the whole thing was very moving. You saw that people remembered events from 20 years ago, and the songs from that time vivified these emotions. It’s not something we would know in France (in fact I don’t know of almost any French song that speaks about France or French, while they are so many in Estonian). And of course the events in Georgia suddenly made everybody remember that liberty is precious and can be lost.

I haven’t lived these events, but I was also moved, and felt a bit Estonian as such.

Update: A nice picture.

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