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Slow blogging, busy at work

Not much blogging lately. Since joining the Core team 3 months ago, I’ve been getting more and more busy, working hard on the next version of Skype (there is cool stuff coming…). So my thoughts are all on Skype internal stuff, which is unfortunately not blogging material.

In Skype news, one important thing that happened lately is not product related, but a marketing action, with Skype being used a lot by Oprah in her show. This is huge: In the US Oprah is very popular and her show has a huge audience. I’ve seen extract of her program and she keeps mentioning Skype and how great it is, she really loves what it allows to do in her show.

Henri is big boy now, he is learning so fast and so much, understands plenty of Estonian and French words, starts to speak. Cool man!


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