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High Quality Video Skype calls

In the recent weeks, Skype launched High Quality Video on Windows: 640×480 (4 times more pixels) and 30 fps (double as standard Skype video). I got last week one of the camera that can support it and I tried it with my mother. Her feedback was excellent (others agree). It’s much nicer to use in full screen. The great Logitech camera also brings a plus, as it deals well with difficult lighting conditions. Such conditions are almost the rule for webcam users, yet cheap webcams are just very bad in that case.

My mother doesn’t have a High Quality Video camera, and she only has a slow Celeron based laptop. But that was enough for receiving High Quality Video, since it’s sending that requires a powerful dual-core processor. This setup is actually fine for us, since most of the time during video calls with my mother, we have one-way video. I need to run with the camera after Henri and cannot look at the screen…

Spending some money on a good webcam is now well worth it.

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