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Some advices to my Estonian friends

I enjoy living in Estonia and in fact there is very little that I actually really miss from France. The country has a lot to be loved for, but as always, some things can be improved. So here are a few advices for Estonia.

Next week are local elections here. It’s impossible to miss, since there is really a lot of publicity about it, at TV, in the streets, in mailboxes, etc. In France political publicity is strongly limited and I always thought this was a very good thing, especially when comparing to what happens in the US. Estonia should regulate this too. It should not be the candidate with the most money - the one that can buy most advertisement - that wins.

Estonia economy is doing good, and there is money coming in. Don’t spend it on repairing roads. Estonians are pretty dumb behind in a car, and nicer roads will just make them speed more and be more dangerous. Put it in hospital, education… things that really matter.

Please don’t fall toward the Pizza-Kebab mono-culture as in Finland or Sweden. Keep the nice variety of restaurant and bars for all prices and style that exists today. Keep caring about food quality.

Stop building stupid ugly houses. What’s is it with this funk house thing? Houses like in Kadriorg neighborhood in Tallinn or in the Käsmu village are wonderful and people love them.

Edgar Savisaar, the current Estonian economic minister, from the center party, recently criticizes the flax tax rate system, saying it was unfair. Indeed in Estonia there are inequalities and some people have much more money than others. However another system doesn’t make poorer people richer, it just makes richer poorer. And the whole economy suffers from it. Don’t listen to Savisaar, your first Prime Minister Mart Laar who introduced all this was a very smart one and did the right thing.

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  1. Titania
    November 28th, 2005 12:46

    As far as I know, Estonia is beautiful and its economy is far more developped than ours in Portugal…
    I wish this whole Europe would be more interested in cooperation than in pulling one’s own strings to the deterioration of others’ economy…
    Nice blog you have here :) )
    Greetings from Portugal!

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