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Mid-summer weekend

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This weekend is one of the two most important celebrations in Estonia, mid-summer, the other one being Christmas. Estonia doesn’t have a lot of national vacation days (compared to France at least) but for this they have two days, Thursday and Friday are off.

The longest day of the year is celebrated. Since the winter is long in these Nordic countries, this is an important event. Currently it’s dark for only a few hours per night. It’s a bit confusing, as you think in the evening it’s still early, while it’s already midnight…

For mid-summer, most Estonians leave the city and go partying in their summer house. Everybody is grilling and of course there is a lot of drinking. Sauna is generally also part of the party.

Since I met Ingrid I participated to a few mid-summer parties and it was always a great time. Like the other years, we go to the house where Ingrid’s grandmother grew up. I’m looking forward to it, since I’m not a student anymore there aren’t that many parties to go to anymore neither.

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